Prices depend on size and com­plex­i­ty. As an approx­i­ma­tion, here are some guide­lines:

With hands and feet
5 000 €

With hands
3 000 €

With­out hands
1 000 €

I need 25% as a down pay­ment before I start paint­ing. Fram­ing and ship­ping expens­es are in addi­tion to the price of the paint­ing.

All por­traits are life-sized or slight­ly small­er. I paint on Bel­gian linen can­vas mount­ed on high-qual­i­ty wood­en stretch­er bars, ready to be hanged.

My process

I live in Bås­tad, a small town in the south of Swe­den, and I pre­fer to meet in my stu­dio. If you can’t make it here, and if you cov­er trav­el expens­es, I will con­sid­er com­ing to you, giv­en that the com­mis­sion is large enough.

I do not paint from pho­tos I haven’t tak­en myself. This is an impor­tant point to make, as I per­son­al­ly need to get to know my sit­ter. A lofty goal I have with my por­traits is to recre­ate a kind of psy­cho­log­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the per­son I’ve met.

After get­ting to know each oth­er a bit over cof­fee or tea, we pro­ceed to my stu­dio. Here we try out dif­fer­ent light­ing setups, back­grounds, fur­ni­ture and so on, a process that takes 1–2 hours. I keep all pho­tos to myself and nev­er show them to any­one else.

After our pho­to ses­sion, it takes a few months to fin­ish the paint­ing. After being paid in full, minus the down pay­ment, I will send you the paint­ing.

Please let me know if you have any ques­tions. If you under­stand Swedish, you can also go here.