About me
I’m a Swedish figurative artist with oil as a preferred medium. My studio is just outside Båstad, right next to an idyllic nature reserve on Bjärehalvön in Skåne.
The human form, be it a figure or a face, is endlessly intriguing and challenging to me, so that’s what I choose to paint.
There’s an intimate relationship between oil and canvas that no other medium can rival, so I try to attack my paintings as honestly and intuitively as I can. I’m infatuated with the tactile quality of oil paint, so I like to build up the painting in layers with varying thicknesses and levels of abstraction.
Lastly, if you’re interested in commissioning a portrait, please contact me. Or if you speak Swedish, you can go here.
Krapperups konsthall, Höganäs
Arvika konsthall, Arvika
Galleri Skaidi, Nikkaluokta
Galleri Åstugan, Nyköping
Galleri Minerva, Malmö
Kiruna stadshus, Kiruna
Romele konsthall, Lund